The History of the Singing Telegram

A singing telegram is a message that is delivered by an artist in a musical form. Singing telegrams are historically linked to normal telegrams, but tend to be humorous. Sometimes the artist is in costume or formal clothing. Singing telegrams are often given as a gift.

Western Union, the American telegraph company began offering singing telegram services in 1933. That July 28, a fan sent Hollywood singing star Rudy Vallee a birthday greeting by telegram. George P. Oslin (1899–1996), the Western Union public relations director, decided this would be a good opportunity to make telegrams, which had been associated with deaths and other tragic news, into something more popular. He asked a Western Union operator, Lucille Lipps, to sing the message over the telephone, and this became the first singing telegram. While Oslin created the singing telegram because he thought "that messages should be fun," he recalled that he "was angrily informed I was making a laughingstock of the company."

As relatively few telegram recipients had telephones, most telegrams, including singing telegrams, were first delivered in person. The popularization of the telephone in the 1960s reduced telegrams in general. By 1972, Western Union was receiving a small number of requests for singing telegrams and was seeking regulatory approval on a state-by-state basis to eliminate the offering. Western Union suspended its singing telegram service in 1974, but independent singing telegram companies, specializing in often costumed personal delivery of gift messages, have kept up the tradition. - Wikipedia 


In a world where many are spending so much time in front of their devices texting, tweeting, liking and swiping their sentiments away, Bellagram Telegrams is excited to be part of the growing movement to bring back live entertainment, and face-to-face connection, to peoples' doorsteps, office spaces and public places!

To enable people anywhere in the world the ability to surprise a long distance family member or friend with the gift of an old fashioned singing telegram when you can't be there in person brings such joy to everyone involved and truly creates that connection so many people are yearning for. To provide the opportunity for gift givers to create a customized gift experience that they’re excited about sending and that will have a lasting impact on the receiving end makes our hearts sing knowing that we're making a positive impact. To be able to provide the perfect gift for the person who “has everything”? Well, we've now just solved that problem! And on the rare occasions when WE can't be there, we have added the option of a digitally sent singing telegram, or virtual Bellagram. Old school meets digital. How perfectly ironic! 

The timing for mobile musical messaging couldn't be more perfect for our current culture. 

Send a Bellagram gift of song to someone special in YOUR life!

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