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String of Brown Decorations 2_edited.png

OUR mission

... to deliver messages, lift spirits, create connection and bring harmony into the world through memorable, 

 musical gift "experiences".




The evolutionary purpose is not the same as a vision statement. A vision statement usually reflects the ego-driven state of consciousness of the management team, who decide what they want the organization to be.

The evolutionary purpose of a Teal organization reflects the deeper reason the organization exists. It relates to the difference it wants to make in the community it operates in, as well as in the marketplace it serves. It is not concerned with competition or outperforming others; it is serving the ‘greater good’ that matters. Some examples are:

..... to bring joy into the world through our services while at the same time supporting companies that are implementing regenerative practices and creating regenerative practices ourselves and to cross the threshold into a new, circular-economic model.