Bellagram Singing Telegrams includes some of the best musical and vocal talents in and around Portland. We have a unique artist for every genre including pop, rock, country, folk, world, hip-hop and traditional.

We believe giving gifts of experience, live longer in our hearts, and not buying "stuff" leaves a more positive impact on the planet.

Don't live around Portland, thats why we created the VIRTUAL BELLA, we create a custom video, singing your message and a song of your choice, and uploaded for you to share on social or in a message to the awesome person you are celebrating. We prefer vimeo for the best quality, but if you prefer youtube or us to send you the digital file, thats perfect too. Turnaround on video is 72 hours. If you wish to rush it, send us a message today.


Have you ever wanted to write a song or a poem for someone and just didn’t know how? Our award-winning writers and musicians can take the simplest of ideas and create something magical that will be forever etched into the mind and heart of your loved one. It’s a perfect way to create an unforgettable experience for a friend, co-worker, client, sweetheart...or ex-sweetheart! For a custom song, we recommend you list 10-12 details about the person, the more unique details the more tailored the song. This could include favorite foods, pets names, family details, hobbies, accolades, or just funny quirky facts.

VIRTUAL BELLA ORIGINAL  is a wonderful way for your one of a kind custom song to live on forever to be viewed again and again.

We are in the business of creating mobile gift-experiences and YOU too can be a part of creating a bright moment in someone’s day by designing a unique and deliverable surprise gift of SONG for someone special.


Check out our Custom Songs Page for more information on a great original song for your loved one.


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Do you have a strange, rare, or super big request? Or any question really before booking? Contact us today for special pricing and event bookings, or if you want to make a plan for a custom gift of song.

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