With just a few pieces of information, we can make the story of your remarkable person into a song.

We love things like unique hobbies, family facts, pet names, quirky traits, favorite expressions, accolades, etc.

It takes a couple of days to get it written and rehearsed, and then of course if you live in Portland, Oregon and the surrounding area you can have it performed live!!!


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Tinned fish


Structured activities

Alternative 90s music

Lisa Loeb

Muddled mint

Murder mystery parties



Mustache art

Dale Chahuly

FInger guns


by: Eighty Bugg

Steph you are the Best

We wanted to attest just how awesome you are

In case you forget 

We want you to know How amazingly awesome you are


Many moons ago when we stood around the cooler

chatting bout our boss who couldn’t be cooler

that’s YOU, that’s YOU!!!!  




Spreadsheets LIKE no other 

nothing like a mother 

cause your so much fun


doesn’t love a mystery of murder

muddled mint mojito 

er can o the best sardines…

I MEAN!!!!  I mean… you’re never mean…. WE LOVE U!!

And I promise right here and right now oh we won’t clown around

We won’t be apart of some tacky…. mustache art for your birthday no way

No Finger guns at all bang or gross Dale Chahuly, hulu, HulAA? whatever

Only the best day ever for the best boss ever


We’re sad we can’t celebrate together

But our love for you doesn’t wain

we can blame it on the weather

or send showers of love your way today cause Happy Birthday!!!


Steph you are the best




Was in the Navy,


Has 6 grandkids,


Loves woodworking 


Has been married for 50 years to Melody


No matter what you need he will drop everything and help you out.


by: Eighty Bugg

I know a man a father and friend

who has been there from the beginning and stays till the end

who knows what it means: to know what it means to be true

He’s lived and and he’s loved, he’s served and he’s loved

He’s worked and he’s loved, it shows and he’s loved

Six grandkids, is a flurry of love but chuck stays cool 


        And he likes keep it mello  ooohhhhh

  yeah he likes to keep it mello  ooohhhhh

chuck he likes to keep it mello  ooohhhhh

                     and mello is cool  ooohhhhh

70 years young and still going strong

Di thought we’d make it special and write you a song

but the melody that you had all along

Is the best one to have on your mind 

They’ve talked and they’ve loved, they walked and they’d loved

They’ve lived and they’ve loved, even fought but still loved

Always there when needed, with a hand or a hug

5 decades of love ….. Melody and Chuuuuuuuck


      Oohh they like keep it mello  ooohhhhh

yeah they like to keep it mello   ooohhhhh

        Chuck and Melody mello   ooohhhhh

             making mello so cool    ooohhhhh

So the last thing we’ll say, sing or share

is how you show:  how you care;  being there

and we’re all grateful for the lives that we’ve spent being mello

And the more that we see and learn and we know

it's not hard to wanna be part of it all

so If you don’t mind I'd like to be a mello


  and we can keep it mello

yeah we can keep it mello

        I wanna keep it  mello

            cause mello is cool

            yeah mello is cool



by: Eighty Bugg



Works in the yard EVERY day

ShopS at Trader Joe's


Saves ALL broken items for "spare parts"


Doesn't throw ANYTHING away even if you get him a newer version (same wallet for decades)

Favorite greeting is "Howdy-Do"



There was a swan named Jim with a plan 

He liked to take things in the hand

He was a tinker of sorts with a quick retort

“I’m sure I can use that again”

He went to the Traders Joes stand

Howdy Do there Joe don’t you know

I need to get stuff for dinner with the fam

but now I have go


A swan name Jim had a plan

he liked to take things in the hand

He was a tinker of sorts with a quick retort

“I'm sure I can use that again”


As this Swan named Jim mucked along

he scoured for treasure on his walks

There's a robots heart

we can use for spare parts

when we need to make a robot song.

Spare Parts /// Spare Parts ///


Now Swan spends his days in the yard

watching the kids play hard

Amy & Kaden & Roy and Eli

hold you in great regards 

7 decades since the day you were hatched

so much built and fixed and patched

we love you so and we're so attached 

grandad and dad un matched


Howdy DO Howdy Do Howdy Do

Howdy DO Howdy Do Howdy Do

Howdy DO Howdy Do Howdy Do




Oregon Episcopal School

(150 year anniversery)


by: Mike Danner

The theme this year is ... superherOES

The school is celebrating 150 years.

A hero isn’t someone, who
possesses nerves of steel
Her courage comes from
inside his story’s very real
Don’t have to be invisible or see through walls of clay
No need to fight the bad
guys in some science fiction way

They’re not the ones in comic books, flying through the air
No, a hero is simply the one who takes the time to care
And so to you who’ve shown us what it means to be so strong
We’d like to show some love to you with this simple song

Thank you for bein a friend
Thank you for lending a helping hand
To all of you we send out a rousing cheer

Thank you to the OES
Inspiring us to be our best
As you have done for 150 years

Thanks to the teachers and staff
Someday we’ll share a hug and a laugh
But until then...
Thank you for being a friend!