Our talented pool of singers, entertainers and musicians bring just the right flavor to any occasion! Here's a great list of songs we already know!!!

Of course, you can pick any song in the world however, final song choices must be approved by Bellas. When you place your order please tell us all about your vision for this memorable gift of music and song, or better yet before you order reach out, so we can help order the best gift possible.

We will do our best to accommodate your song requests
 Thank you. xo BELLAS -n- BELLOS


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All of Me

All You Need Is Love

Be My Baby

Dream A Little Dream

Full Moon Of Love

Sail Away With Me 

That’s Amore

The Galaxy Song

You Are So Beautiful

You Can Be My Octopus  



The Amae-zing Birthday Song

Happy Birthday I Love You

It's Your Birthday  (Original)

It's Your Birthday  (Nina Storey)

Nobody’s Fool  (Original)

Traditional Bday Song 

Cheer Up:

Always Look On The Bright Side of Life

Che Sera Sera

Get You Better  (Original)

Handle Me With Care

Keep On The Sunny Side

The Galaxy Song


Makin' Your Dreams Come True

- (Lavern & Shirley Theme Song)

I'm Sorry:

Hard For Me To Say I'm Sorry

Jealous Guy

I Was A Dick (Original)

Miss You:

Miss You , Love You (Original)

New Baby:

Be My Baby

Three’s Company Theme Song

New Home:

Lovin' On My New Home 

New Venture:

Che Sera Sera

Makin' YOUR Dreams Come True
When You Wish Upon A Star

Don't Stop Believin'


Enjoy Yourself

Makin' Your Dreams Come True

Thank You:

Thank You For Being A Friend 

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