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“The Bellagrams were the highlight of my friend’s retirement party. They came in calling her name and everyone stopped their conversations to hear and see what was happening. They had written a song just-for-her.  And it was so sweet! She teared up and later said she was so moved, she could hardly listen. But every one else heard and it was the buzz around the office for days. These women are fun and talented and would bring joy to any occasion.” – Jeannie

“Bellagram Singing Telegrams was a spectacular addition to my neighbors Birthday gathering at the local pub. She had lots of cards and well wishes, but when a birthday greeting in the form of performance showed up it was a show stopper. These ladies rock the house and are so fun and infectious it changed the vibe in the room charming one and all. Next time it's a personalized song, can’t wait to see what they come up with for that! Only in Portland!”- Peter

“Having Bellagram Singing Telegrams show up on Thanksgiving day to surprise our Dad with a birthday singing telegram was amazing! The song was sweet and the performance brought tears to the whole family. They are talented singers who will even write your loved one a personal song just for them (we reserved them too late for this feature but will certainly use it in the future!) It was one of the best gifts ever.” – Phiamma

"Bellagram Singing Telegrams is, without a doubt the best gift I've ever received! Recently I broke my leg in an unremarkable accident and I was laid up for over a month. I was depressed, bored, a little lonely and out of a job. One night I'm watching TV with a friend wishing everyone would just leave me alone and along comes Jen, my surprise Bellagram. She was so bright and cheerful without being pushy or cloying. She just came in on this sweet cloud of positivity, donned her jaunty little hat and sang me two of the most perfect songs I could have ever imagined! It really adjusted my whole attitude for the better. I mean, it really shifted my whole recovery. Everything started to look up from there. Having someone sing a song just for me was one of the most precious experiences I've ever had. I still get a little smile on my face when I think about it. Definitely a more lasting gift than any flowers anyone has ever sent!" - Bryndl

"If you're looking for a gift with flair, fun or for the person who has everything (or just needs something uplifting &/or different), a singing telegram is the way to go. I called everyone in Portland & Jen was by far the easiest person to deal with & the most reasonable. She was great at communicating during the whole process, from creating a plan to following up after the telegram had been delivered. You can always give 'stuff' but this is an experience that will remain with the recipient forever." - Vickie

“Candy is Dandy and Flowers are fine, but if you really want to make someone feel loved, hire these ladies! Jen and Eighty helped a group of us gift the ultimate birthday surprise- a singing telegram that showed up in the middle of an intimate dinner celebration. They sang a personal greeting and even learned two of the recipient's favorite songs. My friend was totally surprised and started crying instantly. From their adorable outfits to their perfect harmonies and personal touches, Bellagram Singing Telegrams brought a unique, personal and memorable experience to our celebration. I can’t recommend them enough.” – Holly

"I loved seeing these videos, hearing the singing, and watching my aunt full of joy.  It almost made me feel as though I was there." - Jeff

My friend was so surprised! We went to brunch at Beeswing Café and all of a sudden she was surrounded by musicians singing her praises! It was utterly charming. I love how they tailor the message to each recipient. Such a unique fun gift- I will definitely hire them again! - Eleanor

This service ROCKS - their customer service is over the top & their talent is unsurpassed. 5 stars. - Richard

This was truly one of the coolest things to ever happen to me. A knock on my door, some beautiful songs, and a sweet message on a totally random Monday completely elevated my day. I love any excuse to dance! Thank you so much to Bellagram Telegrams! I will absolutely be in touch in the future!

- Sarah

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