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What Are Bellagram Telegrams

What Are Bellagram Telegrams

Do you ever feel like you're spending too much time in front of your device, rather than a face, as you text, tweet, like and swipe your sentiments away? It seems we've lost touch with human connection in this digital age. Well, Bellagram Telegrams is bringing that connection back, old-school style, with singing telegrams! Yep, YOU TOO can be a part of creating a unique, and deliverable, surprise gift of song for someone special in your life. We're all about delivering messages, lifting spirits, creating connection, and bringing harmony into the world through memorable, musical moments. Bellagram singing telegrams are some of the best musical and vocal talents in and around Portland, OR. We draw from a talented pool of Portland musicians, performers and song-writers that bring a high quality, high energy, theatrical experience to any receiver, whether at their home, office or bigger event space. We have a myriad of styles, instruments and artists who will bring a unique and beautiful spin to the message you wish to deliver, with a classy/retro flavor. Portland loves vintage and so do we!!! Whether a friend, co-worker, client, sweetheart...(or ex-sweetheart!) we'll deliver the perfect gift of song for any occasion! Go to to cumstomize your next gift of song! Movie Credits: Executive Producer - Jen Forti Producer & Script Writer - Melissa Orion Director - Andrew Garrettson Co-Producer & Editor - Kevin Balmer of Diggable Monkey Productions Cinematographer - Benjamin Pitts Theo Grace - Sound Make Up Artist - Katie Tastic Bellagram Singers In Order of Appearance: Jen Forti Melissa Orion Daniel Flynn Natalie Staggs Kinsey Smyth Damien Hayes Cast In Order of Appearance: Rantu Press Drew Garrettson Julie CG Jen Buehler- Shabbir Amar Shabbir Megan Treloar Elad Spiegel Kate Carter Tracia Libentia Nick Miner Melissa Wright Billy Clotere Marcea Wiggins Katie Tastic Gemela Foster Jeremy Baron Big thanks to our friends, Alberta Main Street & Teote Mezcalerìa for letting us use their spaces!
Anne-Marie and Riley's Bella Bomb
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