With just a few pieces of information, we can make the story of your remarkable person into a song. We love things like unique hobbies, family facts, pet names, quirky traits, favorite expressions, accolades, etc. It takes a couple of days to get it written and rehearsed, and then of course if you live in Portland, Oregon and the surrounding area you can have it performed live!!! Anyway you purchase, it comes with a Video Singing TELEgram that we can send to you to post to Vimeo or youtube. Check out some of the Original Songs Below.



 Karen is a retiring nurse, she has been in the "care" field for more than 30 years.

She is revered for being someone anyone can talk too. 

Married they have a doughter & a son & 7 grandsons.

She is a twin.



She loves golf.

We will miss her.


by: Eighty

Karens been caring forever…

Show’n care in the world around her 

The love and support she has given us...

Reminds us in her we can trus...For her

We are grateful, we are honored,

We are humbled We are hopeful

As the generations carry on and on and on 

with daughter and son and many grandsons 

Surround by loved ones, husband and twin 

Whos' hearts feel your heart again and again

And share in ur sadness and joys until then

A reminder of how we depend on karen


It is the care that you share that we share with u now

theres much more to come, more life to be done 

The games not finished no winner announced

Cause we’ve all won out with you around

May ur days be never lean, May ur greens be evergreen

May we always connect, With love and respect 

With and for our, dear friend Karen





by: Eighty

Was in Costa Rica for the Peace Corps

Shiny, clean, orderly.

Deeply committed to justice and human rights

Very Calm & Generous Human

Loves Bawdy humor


Dad to an adopted daughter

Stepdad to two lovely girls

Love music especially Latin flavor

His favorite quote PURA VIDA

In a world chaotic and strange 

Where things aren’t always equal

Some commit it all to change

Living to see it thru

Who finds order in turmoil

brave fighter for fairness 

unafraid to support 

Enlightened awareness

Paul's showin' us all, father and friend

defender of the small, awake for a call at 3 am

a laugh in the hall... out proud

we love him (c)

Through all of our ages life's little stages

choices were made choosing peace overall

to answer the call again and again

straight to the core what's worth fighting for

doing best to be true living  the PURA VIDA




She's amazing. 

Single mom during our crazy teen years,





She's retired now and likes to make her garden beautiful. 

Mushroom hunting, seeing art and theater, traveling. 

She loves almond-roka candy.

And did I say, nudist?


by: Eighty

If a picture's worth a thousand words

then what can we say

when surrounded by all your worth,

how can we convey


When we watch you in your elements 

gardener artist feminist

lost in love and adoration, 

thankful grateful appreciation


The Naked Truth is that we love you

The Naked Truth is that we need you

 The Naked Truth is that we love you

and that's not just because 

you ….made ……US      (valera)

we were born into this world naked

and you have shown us all you know naked

foraging………… and traveling……..

abroad………   a naked broad

on this special day for you our mother

who has been there for us, like no other

beyond all that we say we hope that you can lay

all day on the couch almond roka in your mouth   NAKED




Grandkids names are


and Adrian




They live in San Francisco

Near the MIssion

Dog named Elvis





Grandma called G-mommy


by: Eighty

Oh Kiari one day will wear a tiara

as she walks down the aisle with someone she loves

& Adrian will be there beside her

protecting and guiding with brotherly love

And that seems like a long way away

but how quickly we pass through the days

Watching Elvis happily bark  as we skip through  the park

We’re on a mission through the mission to play

They know momma she loves them

and Daddy he loves them

and GMommy loves them so much


So all through the years

laughter and tears

well  they know they’re surrounded with love

Aint that enough   Aint love enough





A master electrician for 30 year

Funny Quote
"Enjoy a Journey-Man" said mistakenly at a holiday event

Married with children,



by: Eighty

When he was young he planned his path but everything does change

Starting out the worlds so wide can’t imagine all the things

But fearless stepping out of youth into the great beyond

The one thing that he’s held onto and the purpose of this song


You Gotta

Enjoy The Journey, Enjoy the Journey, Enjoy the journey, man

Now  mechanical engineer first after-work late-night beer

Pretty girl standing there gotta share some cheer


Hey Girl  you wanna Enjoy a journey Enjoy a journey

Enjoy a journey-man.


Now wife  and life and family, Kids and timbers Saturdays

Spends his weeks turning  American Heat Into American Fire

Apprentice timber coming in Turn young men to journey-men

Turns to his master friends and says Said it before and Ill say it again


Enjoy A Journey Man Enjoy the Journey

Enjoy the journey friends Enjoy the journey





by: Eighty

I wrote this song for my Cousin Nick and (wife) Jill's wedding, they had been together for about 8 years.

Then I rewrote the song for his sister's wedding Amanda & Justin


Seems like u been together forever

Thought that something should be done

Thought we’d have a lil party

Everyone would come

Cause its about love

Its about happiness

Its about peace and understand

Forget about the rest

Its about laughing so loud

With all your friends and fam around

Its about love

Its about love

So made the invitations

a plan for celebration

gotta be there for this moment

Thats plain for everyone to see


Been a lifetime looking for love

Something special something easy

These things take time to get right

"Justin" time


So invite everyone we know

to share in this special moment

As you begin this thing

Together… remember

Its about love

Its about happiness

Its about peace and understand

Forget about the rest

Its about laughing so loud

With all your friends and fam around

Its about love  Its about love

So we're here and celebrating

And this moment I am taking

Is to tell you both how much 

You are loved


by: Eighty

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