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A Sweet 16 Celebration

People are always saying it is a small world. I was reminded several weeks ago that it really IS indeed a small world. I received a phone call from a gentleman in Ohio about his daughter Mimi's upcoming “Sweet 16” Birthday party here in Portland. Unfortunately, he couldn't make it and so he called Bellagram Telegrams and told me that he would like to surprise Mimi with the unique gift of two Bellas singing two songs. Being that she was turning 16, I was thinking we'd be learning a Taylor Swift tune or some other pop star, teen heart throb, but dad informed me that she did in fact like the Beatles so the Beatles it was going to be and who better to enlist than Mr. Jason Wells, Beatles aficionado. The crowning touch was a beautiful bouquet of flowers put together by my friend Leslie Hunt of Lucky Flowers.

Jason and I were to show up at Mimi's doorstep between 6:30 and 7pm. As we readied ourselves in the car, the anticipation mounted. It almost felt like we were planning a heist or that we were super heroes in our telephone booth of a car, donning our uniforms to go out and drop several Bella song bombs. Actually, I like taking words like bomb and heist that typically have a negative connotation and giving them new meaning by associating them with a happy occasion.

As the appointed time neared Jason was unexpectedly besieged by a bout of butterflies in his stomach, which was a total surprise to me, as he plays with several bands in the area and is accustomed to performing in front of large audiences. Somehow, his nervousness made the surprise gift of song we were about to deliver that much more memorable for me.

At 7pm on the dot Jason and I went up to the door of Mimi's home and knocked. Her mother opened it and we were greeted by a large gathering. To my surprise the first person I lay my eyes on was Cynthia Plouf, a former Ukelady! Then I recognized a man who had hired the Ukeladies some years ago for a house concert! All in all, the song bombs were a success. Everyone was wonderful and for Jason and I, it was a special treat to be part of such a landmark evening in Mimi's life. Even more special was the realization that it really is a small world, especially when music and song are involved. I am so grateful to Mimi's father for his telephone call and all the wonderful connections that came of it.

Add a bouquet to your Bellagram by Lucky Flowers!


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