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Mobile Musical Messages

Greetings dear ones. I hope you and yours are safe and healthy.

It's been a crazy week and unfortunately it's just the beginning. I hope that by now we're all practicing the following recommended social distancing and preparing ourselves for a new way of being in the world. Like me, many of you are probably wondering what is going to come of all this, and how am I going to deal with the intense degree of isolation that has been recommended to us? I know that staying connected to each other is what’s going to see us through in this time of fear and uncertainty. I believe it's time we get creative at home and find ways to reduce social isolation within our communities through virtual means instead of in-person visits. Even though we may not be able to physically connect with the people we care most about it is so important that we stay in touch with each other.

And, like many small businesses, I'm being faced with the question of how am I going to keep my doors open? So in an effort to get creative AND offer something valuable to you and your loved ones, may I humbly ask for your support, and suggest sending a virtual singing telegram to brighten your friend's/family member's/co-workers/client's/sweetheart's day?

Please know I am not trying to profit from a terrible situation. I am merely trying to figure out how to keep this business AND tradition alive. If I can do that by helping people connect, that feels like a win win. And while singing telegrams is traditionally known to be an in-person service, drastic times call for drastic, but also creative, measures. So with everyone at home on their computers the way to connect right now is virtually.

To this end, Bellagrams will be offering $40 (normally $75) virtual greetings.

Whether you want to wish them a happy birthday, anniversary, new baby, retirement, or you wanna say "I miss you", "cheer up", "we got this" - whatever the sentiment - say it with a song.

Here's an example of a birthday tele-gram I recently sent a friend who had to cancel her festivities.

In an effort to provide entertainment, inspiration and uplift during this  uncertain time, (and maintain sanity for myself) I will be posting regularly on the Bellagram

Youtube and Instagram channels so feel free to follow me and let's stay connected!

Lastly, I encourage you if you haven't already to take a few minutes and check out this video of the folks in my native home land of Italy singing together from balconies. It's a beautiful and inspiring site and a true testament of how banding AND singing together creates unity and harmony.

Thanks for your support. Stay safe. Spread Love ❤️️



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