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Panda In Venice

On my recent trip to Italy I decided I was going to serenade a gondola driver while in Venice. After a few days of observing the gondolieri around town, I noticed they were all a bit grumpy, most likely due to the amount of tourists they have to deal with. Understandably so. But the long tradition of gondolas and their drivers dates from the 11th century and I thought if Bellagram Telegrams is about acknowledging people for who they are and the special qualities they share with others, then it seemed to me that gondola drivers, given the many memorable experience they have created for others over the centuries, should have their own Bellagram Telegram. However, I wasn't sure if I would find a gondolier who was nice enough, enthusiastic enough and willing enough to not only be serenaded to and recorded, but to also sing with me.

My expectations were exceeded when I found Panda. Panda not only agreed to play and sing with me, but then at the end of the trip knocked 10€ off the ride AND asked if he could record me singing my intro song (which I've now translated into Italian) to send to his wife! Talk about coming around full circle!!! Who knew I'd be sending his wife a Bellagram!!!

Thanks for the memories Panda ❤️🇮🇹🎶

See you next year!!!


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