Bellas Make Spot On Italian Arts Channel

During my recent travels in Italy I met an amazing human and performer named Maurizio. It was at the beginning of my trip that we met through a mutual friend and we quickly realized we were meant to perform together. It wasn't long after our first encounter that he was dawning the Bellagram hat which matched perfectly with his outfit he had laying around in his RV that he uses to travel in like the gypsy he is. Seriously, we were like two peas in a pod. And he looked smashing in the hat!

On day two of our trip we decided to venture out around the town of Vittorio Vitorio Venetto to make some fun Bellagram videos. After stopping at several locations and getting some decent footage we decided to head back to the town and make one more stop in the main Piazza to get one last one for Valentine's Day. It was just the two of us in the middle of this beautiful piazza in this gorgeous little town goofing around with our instruments, our hats and my iphone when all of a sudden this film crew approached us wondering if we'd be in their episode. They were filming a series on Rai3 called L'amore negli anni '70. Non ho l'età (Love in the 70s. I'm not old enough). We thought why not and who knows if our spot will actually air.

Well, turns out it did! We made national news in Italy!!

Here's the short clip....

And for those interested and able to understand Italian the full episode.

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