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Bellagram Virtual Gift of Song

I decided to get away from Portland, OR this week, as a birthday gift to myself and a way to soak in some much needed Vitamin D. I chose to visit a musician friend here in Saint Petersburg, Florida where we plan to play some beautiful music together at the The Chattaway.

Sitting by the pool soaking in the rays of the sun, I was thinking about how I need to make this a yearly ritual and how awesome it would be to continue to send gifts of song while on vacation, whether live from other Bella team members, or virtual by me. The timing couldn't have been more perfect because all of a sudden I received a voicemail from this lovely lady, Elena, who I met several months back at a Last Thursday event while delivering a Bellagram to one of the artists that was showing her work at Elena's wine shop, Woven Wine Works.

It was her friend's birthday who was in desperate need of cheering up. Elena thought of me and Bellagram Telegrams. Her words exactly....."I have a dear friend who is in need of you!" I was honored and touched. I told her I was three thousand miles away but that we could set something up virtually if she'd be open to that. She was! A few hours later and this is what we sent Colesie...

....Colesie later responded with " Omygoodness! Amazing!! I love it so much!!! Thank you. I have never received a singing telegram before. How lucky am I! Truly so, this means the world ❤️

Is it a far stretch to think that while we're lifting spirits with our gifts of song we're also providing a sort of therapy for those whose spirits are low? Whether you're being sung to, singing with or singing to someone, the act of singing can be very beneficial to one's health. Studies show that singing lowers stress levels, it releases stored muscle tension and it decreases the levels of a stress hormone called cortisol in your blood stream. It lifts our mood, releases dopamine and gives all of our brain networks a workout, bringing neuro-protective benefits for our mental health. And did you know that when we sing with others our heart beats synchronize with theirs?

At the end of the day I just want to sing and play music and if I can make someone feel better AND make a living doing it then I consider that success!


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